Minister Awesa confused by highways in Oro

The Minister for Works was confused about the two highways in Northern Province when asked in Parliament today.

Ijivitari MP, David Arore during Question Time asked Works Minister Francis Awesa if the National Government has plans to fund the national roads in Oro.

Arore said the Northern and Kokoda Highways which starts from Oro Bay and ends at Afore needed road maintenances.  

He added that the country’s 2050 Vision states that Central and Northern Provinces must be connected by road because it is part of the missing 16 economic corridors. 

Arore also asked why no government funding had been allocated for Northern Highway in the National Budget since 2014. 

“When will funding will be allocated to Northern Highway because I have sealed 5km without any National Government assistance,” Arore asked.  

Awesa in response said, “K10 million was allocated to Northern Highway in the 2017 Budget, and will make a detailed respond to the member.

“I am not too sure if the Northern Highway is same as the Kokoda Highway.”

Awesa added that the highway will get a facelift in the Revised Maintenance Program that will be announced shortly. 

“The Government recognises that it is an important road link in the revised maintenance program to be announced shortly, it will start this year and run for the next three years to cover all the roads in the country.”



Charles Yapumi