Milne Bay police remain positive

The provincial police commander of Milne Bay Province has noted progress in dealing with their law and order situation.

Chief Inspector George Bayagau remains positive following a number of meetings with the provincial law and order committee as well as additional manpower on ground.

Once known as a tourist hotspot, the beautiful province of Milne Bay attracted unwanted attention when armed robbery and public shootouts started making headlines.

The most recent situation was on January 23rd when eight police homes were set alight, including the provincial police commander’s vehicle and unfortunately, a mother and her son as well.

This was the result of a retaliation by armed thugs following the alleged burning of a known criminal’s home by police officers, who considered it a haven for criminals.

A week after the situation, PPC George Bayagau said a number of short and long term resolutions have been passed by the provincial law and order committee, which is a step forward in addressing the escalating law and order problems affecting the province.

“Some good and positive decisions have been made and we are looking forward to that,” said PPC Bayagau.

“Couple of vehicles have been held which we believe the vehicles have been used by criminals to move around, especially during the night of the 23rd, and we arrested a couple of those guys in relation to that incident.”

Once again, the PPC has issued a plea to residents to work with police and bring Tommy Baker and his gang to justice.

“This criminal gang has not started overnight, it has been here for a long, long time. It has touched other provinces as well and Milne Bay is the core of this criminal gang.

“I know Milne Bay people know this criminal gang very well. No matter what, we should stand together. And all matters that are reported to police are confidential.”

(Chief Inspector George Bayagau)

Carmella Gware