Mildas Market set to reopen

A reconciliation ceremony was hosted this week by the Madang Urban LLG, facilitating a peace process between the Madang Police and communities surrounding the Mildas Market.

This ceremony also signified the first step to reopening the Mildas Market.

Mildas Market is one of the gazetted markets of Madang Province, but had been closed since 2019 due to lawlessness which resulted in the death of a police officer.

Constable Franko Oraki was killed at the market in December 2019 when he tried to intervene and resolve a brawl amongst youths within the market area. Constable Orake at that time was a resident at the single quarters directly opposite the market.

Madang Town Mayor, Peter Yalsy took the initiative to host a reconciliation ceremony in the Melanesian way through exchange of pigs, food and money. Mr. Yalsy wants to rebuild the market so that mothers from rural Madang can be able to sell their produce once again. The ceremony was hosted as a “Bel Kol” to the Madang police to say “sorry” for the loss of their comrades.

As show of support to the Mayor, two truckloads from nearby Furan village came loaded with garden food and a pig as their contribution. Mayor Yalsy topped this up with K20,000 cash and presented it to the police representative Senior Sergeant and Officer In Charge of Town Police Station, Steven Etna.

Yalsy stated that in time, major rehabilitation of the market will commence and a market manager from the MULLG will be appointed to manage and run the market.

The Mayor and Sargent Etna warned the public not to disturb the operations of the market and allow farmers to sell their produce in peace.

Wife of the deceased constable Rosa Laki was very emotional during the ceremony but appreciated the recognition given by the mayor, villagers and police officers to her late husband.

She now takes care of their nine-year-old daughter.

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