Migrants cause of crime wave

New Ireland's Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent Albert Beli, has raised concerns about the recent increase in internal migration to New Ireland from other provinces.

Superintendent Beli has noted that the influx of people into New Ireland can lead to an increase in crime and other law and order problems.

He has stated that although the crime rate in New Ireland is manageable compared to other provinces he has served in, such as the Highlands and East Sepik, the situation could worsen due to the recent increase in migration.

According to Beli, many migrants from East and West New Britain have been crossing over to Namatanai and traveling up the highway to settle in New Ireland. He believes that this could create social issues as many of them turn to informal sectors for survival.

To address the issue, Beli plans to work closely with community leaders to locate, identify and keep track of the migrants. If any of them pose a threat to the community, they will be sent back to where they came from with the assistance of the police.

Beli has also praised the community participation in policing in New Ireland and encourages all police officers to continue to work together with the people in carrying out their duties professionally.

He believes that prompt responses and professionalism by the police will help to maintain law and order in the province.

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