Mendi Receives CT Scan Machine

The Mendi District Development Authority has bought a CT scan machine for its people of Southern Highlands Province.

The machine was brought from China at a cost of K6 million. It was delivered to the province today.

This is a milestone achievement for the people of Mendi District, Southern Highlands and Papua New Guinea. This CT scan machine is the fifth in the country.

Member for Mendi and DDA Chairman Michael Nali presented the CT scan machine to Dr Joseph Birisi, CEO of Southern Highlands Provincial Health Authority, at Momei Oval. Hundreds converged there to witness the occasion. 

“With this CT scan machine, we will be saving millions of kina because we’ll no longer send our loved ones overseas to get treatment.

“Therefore, am appealing to all my other colleague MPs in the province to fund equipment for the Mendi Hospital as it serves the whole province as well as the neighboring provinces.”

Nali further challenged the leader of the province to spend money on basic services that will help them rather than spent elsewhere.

The CT scan or Computed Tomography scan is a medical imaging technique used in radiology to obtain detailed internal images of the body noninvasively for diagnostic purposes. 

People who perform CT scans are called radiographers or radiology technologists.

Freddy Mou