Men attempted to steal district vehicles: MP

Usino-Bundi MP, Jimmy Uguro, was appalled by the actions of several men who attempted to steal district vehicles.

The MP said seven men were arrested by Madang Police on Friday (January 26) when they stormed into the district head office and “illegally” took two of its Toyota LandCruiser.

The vehicles were earlier confiscated by the district authority and impounded at the office.

Uguro said the suspects were chased by Police and later apprehended.

Police also took the vehicles.    

Last year, the Usino-Bundi District Development Authority (UBDDA) made a decision to recoup all district assets, including vehicles and machineries.

Under the District Assets Recouping Exercise, four vehicles were recovered and impounded at the Usino-Bundi district headquarters.

The MP says if these vehicles were to be sold, they needed to go through proper tendering and procurement process as they were purchased with public funds.

“This was an act of hooligans who should respect the law; the vehicles were purchased through public funds and not from private earnings or savings,” Uguro pointed out.

The vehicles were bought by the previous administration.

Uguro said: “This (act) is creating disunity and chaos in the community.

“UBDDA, in its wisdom, made a decision to recoup assets purchased under public funds, this is a normal administrative process within the confines of the Public Finance Management (Act) 1995, Administrative Guidelines and Financial Instructions of the government,” he added.

“I am following the due process and procedures to correct the system.”

(Madang police file pic)

Charmaine Poriambep