Medivac Saves Local

A four-year-old girl who fell off a tree in a remote village in Simbai, Madang Province and suffered a puncture to her abdomen is doing well after being medivaced to the Modilon Hospital in Madang.

Seneika Kinsly was injured around 5am last weekend and her parents carried her to the Sengapi Health centre, a gruelling eight-hour walk from her village, reaching the health centre just afternoon.  

The health workers treated Seneika at Sengapi while she awaited Medivac by Heli Solutions.  
Heli Solutions reached Sengapi at 3pm and airlifted Seneika and her parents to Modilon Hospital in Madang. 
Heli Solutions Pilot, Captain Boga has confirmed with Madang Provincial Health Authority Director, Dr Martin Damian that Seneika is recovering well and will be discharged soon. 

Many parts of Papua New Guinea are inaccessible by road and the only way to respond to medical emergencies are via air. 
As a result, provinces like Madang and Jiwaka have ventured into service level agreements with Heli Solutions for medivac purposes for health emergency cases.

In many cases, Heli Solutions at no cost airlifts many people in rural communities to the nearest hospitals to receive better health attention. 

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