Media urged to verify stories

Media have been urged to crosscheck reports ahead of running stories regarding PNGDF operations.

A disappointed Chief of Joint Operations, Colonel Ezekai Wenzel, outlined recent media reports about fighting up in the Western Highlands.

Colonel Wenzel outlined that the number of arrests and even the back story of the reports that were run were all blown of proportion.

He clarified reports of a massive arrest carried out in Laigam village in Tambul Nabilyer, of Western Highlands Province, were all taken out of context.

The reports that 44 arrests were made were not true, in fact the joint forces only took in 8 who were used as bait to lure in the main culprit behind tensions on ground.

The Colonel took the opportunity to call on the media to crosscheck the type of stories that they run.

“Even the reports of destroyed property was not true and blown out of context,” a frustrated Colonel recounted.

“Reports coming in from operation sites need to be verified with us here at headquarters, to avoid causing further misconception and frustration among the public and the troops who are on ground.”

Meantime, the Colonel stressed that such reports need to be handled with care given the situation on ground with the troops.

(PNGDF file picture)

Julianna Waeda