Media Freedom Day commemorated

Today marks World Media Freedom day with the theme ‘shaping a future of Rights: Freedom of expression as a driver for all other human rights’.

The Media Council of Papua New Guinea (MCPNG), in partnership with the United Nations Office and supported by the Media Development Initiative (MDI) held a breakfast event with media houses to celebrate the importance of media freedom, and the work of media in PNG.

United Nations Resident Coordinator in PNG, Richard Howard, stressed on Journalists in the country and how the sector needs to be improved as well.

“Thirty years of struggling like never before and had no time in our history had we had so many challenges to Freedom of speech across the world. Having a really strong media council is important and justice in the world. We have to identify what’s going wrong, and who’s going wrong.

“It’s important that we see the responsibility of the media to deliver the facts, to support the public to make decisions on their country, which also deals with ethics. Across the Asia Pacific, journalist are one of the lowest paid professions that’s just not acceptable, we also urge media companies to better the journalists who are on the ground.

“Free media is a responsible media and we need to remember that the countries with developed media outlets are the ones with the best developing outcomes,” Howard added.

He paid tribute to 430 journalists around the world who sadly passed away last year due to their work of journalism.

PNG Media Council President, Neville Choi, also emphasized on the human rights and spoke of how today is a day of reflection for journalists, editors, and news managers.