Media challenged to take proactive approach in reporting

​The media in Papua New Guinea has been challenged to take a proactive approach in reporting about the country.

Kalang Advertising Limited (KAL) operations manager and current FM100 Talkback Show host Bonner Tito called on the media to report positively as practiced by radio legend the late Roger Hau’ofa.

Tito highlighted that Hau’ofa left behind his reporting and commentaries which had been all about being positive and about unity which had a big impact on the lives of the people.

“The very platform that Hau’ofa has left is the biggest challenge for us and that is to take that on and lead with it.

“All media houses must come together as one body to address some of these issues in a positive way that will lead the country forward,” Tito said.

Tito added that Hau’ofa will be missed on the airwaves as he leaves behind a great legacy in the media industry.

Hau’ofa passed away peacefully on Saturday, March 4 after suffering from kidney disease.


Quintina Naime