Medevac done to Mogulu station

Injured women and children including a pregnant woman were airlifted from surrounding villages to Mogulu station, in the Nomad LLG in Western province on Thursday.

The injured who were airlifted to Mogulu includes a child with a broken arm, a woman with laceration to her foot, another with severe burns to both feet.

A child living with disability was also picked up and will be reunited with her family.

They were airlifted by the disaster relief team currently going around the Western province. 

Roads and paths have been buried making it difficult for locals around Mogulu reaching the station.

Access to health services has not been easy for the displaced villagers who have moved to Dodomona village since the earthquake struck almost two weeks ago.

This newsroom has gathered that Medical supplies are reportedly running out in the area as affected locals move into Dodomona and Huiya villages, both located along the border of the Western and Southern Highlands province.

It is understood 14 displaced villages have moved to Dodomona. People from a village near Dodomona is yet to be accounted for.

A member of the disaster relief team, Larry Franklin said people remain terrified with the aftershocks continuing, especially after the 6.7 magnitude on Wednesday morning.

“They have a lot of mixed emotions and the atmosphere here is very critical with a lot of people still lost and terrified.

“It has also be raining heavily up here and people have been told to stay away from mountain ridges and sides of big trees,” Franklin said.

The team will continue carrying relief supplies as well as carry out assessment works into damages in the affected areas.

Meanwhile more supplies valued at K150, 000 were purchased on Friday for delivery.


Pictures supplied by Larry Franklin.

Sally Pokiton