Measures to be taken against firms: Environment Minister

There will be an increase in punitive measures against organisations and companies in the extractive industry once the Environment Act 2000 is reviewed.

The Act is set to be reviewed in the coming weeks, says Minister for Environment and Conservation, John Pundari.

Pundari said he has given instructions to immediately work on the review of the act to make changes that will ensure the conservation of the environment, which is also in the best interest of the people.

The minister was referring to fines and disciplinary actions against companies or organisations that breach the laws set under the environment act.

“Some of the punitive matters we have are not encouraging these concerned parties to be responsible in their operations,” stated the Minister.  

Therefore the penalty for causing serious environmental damages is considered to increase by 8-fold, for instance, K250,000 will increase to K20 million.

This could mean a very hefty fine for these organisations that breach the laws.

Imelda Wavik