Massive homebrew haul at Vadavada

The NCD Taskforce unit made a massive homebrew haul today during an early morning raid carried out on a suspected family production unit.

Between 3 and 5am today, the personnel carried out the raid at the Vadavada settlement area and in the process, detained a family of six.

NCD Taskforce commander, Mark Mosinakave, outlined that the suspects were under surveillance by police who were tipped off about the illegal production they were carrying out.

The raid held six people, a husband and wife, their son and granddaughter and two other male relatives.

The raid produced 160 litres of steam stored in numerous containers as well as pre-packed 500ml containers along with 10 buckets of the illicit spirit.

Mosinakave explained that the street value of the bust would be between K2,000 to K3,000 depending on sale and demand.

Meantime, Constable Francis Numapo, who is attached with the taskforce, outlined that the suspects will be held on three charges.

He explained that because the illicit steam or homebrew was found in their premises where they were living, they will be charged firstly with production or producing of illicit steam, distribution and the third charge will be in possession of illicit steam.

All these charges will fall under the distillation act.

Meanwhile, Constable Numapo adds that police bail is not applicable for this case, which will see the suspects detained at the Saraga cells, Six-Mile, where the Taskforce unit is based.

He explains that the suspects will need to go to court and apply for bail given the seriousness of the case.

Julianna Waeda