Maru upset with donor partners

National Planning Minister Richard Maru is not one to mince words, this time expressing disappointment on donor partners often creating parallel programs to existing Government run programs.

While speaking at the launching of the Department of Community Development’s annual operational plan, Maru urged donor partners to work closely with Government agencies instead of running parallel programs.

“You do not come into our country and run parallel programs and decide for yourself what the priorities are. And you run programs using Government institutions,” said the minister.

“I don’t want 10 experts from somewhere else coming here when there are so many local experts here as well.

“We have the local experience, we know the contacts, we live in this country and we also know what’s best for our own people.

“Don’t say Papua New Guineans are not good enough. If we are flying jets all over the world, what more evidence do you need?”

With no hesitation, Maru boldly said such practices by donor partners need to stop. 

“We value your support but please work with the Government agencies.”

He further said if these Government institutions are not functioning then everyone should help to make them functional and beef up their capacity.

(National Planning Minister Richard Maru)


Charmaine Poriambep