Married man arrested for holding woman captive

A married man has been sentenced to jail for holding captive another man’s wife and threatening to kill the rightful husband with a bush knife.

Manus provincial police commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the woman was held captive in the accused’s house at Pere village for some time, where she was denied her rights and freedom to movement, even to come out of the house for ‘nature’s call’.

He said the convict's wife and the woman were all living in one house and while his wife was allowed to move around freely, the victim was not.

Yapu said the husband of the woman went to the man’s house and asked him to release his wife so he could take her to see their children at their house.

“The convict acted aggressively and chased the complainant with a bush knife and threatened to kill him.

“The incident was reported to Police, which resulted in the arrest of Molean Polin, 48, of Pere village, Penabu-Nali-Sopat LLG.”

He was sentenced to jail for 6 months by the Lorengau District Court.

Yapu described the incident as inhumane treatment by a cruel person who lacks respect.

“The law will come down hard on such people,” said the PPC.

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