Marape commends MP’s leadership

​At the launch of the Moresby South 5-Year District Development Plan, Prime Minister commended Foreign Affairs Minister and Member for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko as hard-working Member of Parliament.

Marape went on to commend the working partnership between Minister Tkatchenko and the Governor for NCD, in improving the livelihood of residents in Moresby South Electorate.

“I want to appreciate the level of clarity Moresby South brings to the table in as far as what an achievable outcome in the space of next five years within the context of vision 2050 for our nation’s prosperity,” said the Prime Minister.

“I hope by the time we reach 2027, the hospitals in Moresby South relief Port Moresby General Hospitals, schools are working better and settlements are properly converted and titles awarded to people who have been living there. Our original landowners, the Motu Koitabuans, place is secured so we don’t trample upon their rights, we make Port Moresby a safer city especially down town”, he stated.

Marape called on Minister Tkatchenko and Governor Parkop to ensure that there is no loitering and littering and make it a safer city for residents and visitors.

“I propose Port Moresby South becomes the first electorate where we start the safe city program and conversion of proper titles living in the electorate and we have land properly allocated to those who want to live in the city, we order a proper decent living in cities,” he said.

“Moresby South is prepared and moving ahead and clear space is identified for partnership with different people who live in this electorate. I want us to have a proper dialogue on how we could tidy the electorate and ensure it is living properly and the outcome will be outcome of safe, Port Moresby, NCD and PNG, better city, better people and better country.”

Loop Author