Marape calls for peace, unity for SHP

Peace and unity must prevail among the leadership of Southern Highlands Province, in order for the people to maintain and promote peace and unity.

Prime Minister James Marape made these remarks when addressing the Southern Highlands Provincial Assembly meeting in Mendi on Thursday.

Marape said he was pleased to see reconciliation between the provincial leaders, during the Provincial Assembly swearing-in of MPs; and said this would enable their people to promote and maintain peace and unity.

The Prime Minister also appealed to the leaders of the province to return home and promote vital sectors such as agriculture, health, infrastructure and education, among others.

He also thanked his predecessor Peter O’Neill for putting his differences aside and attending the Provincial Assembly, expressing forgiveness, true leadership and maturity.

“This is a form greater transformation to restore leadership in governance, for this province.

“It is good to see our SHP leaders are now working with Governor, William Powi to transform this province for the better.”

He said Governor Powi has brought back unity to SHP.

“Let us all return as ‘One Mendi’ and move forward in rebuilding Mendi Township again.

“Enough of remaining stagnant. It is us the leaders who have caused so much unrest and now we have to work together to bring back peace and untiy to Mendi, especially,” PM Marape said.

“When Governor Powi returns to Mendi, I want you to welcome him and let bygones, be bygones, and work with him to improve and rebuild Mendi township.”

He said the government will fully support the move made by the leaders of Southern Highlands Province, to establish unity and peace for progress.

Freddy Mou