Mapai Debunks ‘Fake News’

Mapai Transport has labelled recent information on the acquisition of a private jet as “fake news”.

The firm posted on their Facebook page this morning saying: “Recently, there have been stories about Mapai’s owner, Chief Jacob Luke, chartering planes in America, buying planes in America, and starting a PNG Mapai aviation business.

“Olgeta giaman tok. (These are untruths.)

“The facts are; Mapai has purchased two reach stackers from a company called Taylor, an American family-owned company who manufacture quality machines and have done for generations.

“We already own some of their machines and rate them highly.

“Taylor’s customer service extends to the provision of air transportation to their factory in Louisville, which is not a major air destination in the States.

“As a Customer, Mapai was invited to visit Taylor, with Mapai looking to purchase some trailers for our growing PNG business over the next years.

“Taylor also owns a lodge where their customers are accommodated and looked after.

“Mapai does not have offices in Dubai nor NZ.”

The company said Chief Jacob was never a farmer, and Mapai is not looking to set up offices in Dubai or elsewhere.

“Mapai is a true PNG success story of one humble, ethical, strong and proud man, recently recognised as  Chief – a title rewarded to very few – who now operates the largest transport company in PNG with a dedicated, passionate and loyal work force of 350 Papua New Guinean women and men.”

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