Manus residents bringing refugees food

Local Manus people are now bringing food to the refugees and asylum seekers at the Centre by boat.

Royal PNG Constabulary director media, Chief Superintendent Dominic D. Kakas, said: “Most refugees and asylum seekers are still at the centre at Manus Regional Processing Centre and do not want to move to their new locations, despite water and power being disconnected as well as no food supply to them.”

However, he said the Police on Manus have intercepted locals using boats to transport food to the refugees at the Centre.

“They were strongly warned no to do so again and released,” said Kakas.

 “The Commanding Officer of the PNG Defence Force Naval Base at Lombrum has issued directives that the Naval Base was restricted and out of bound for civilians. Police and Military Police are enforcing the directives to deal with unnecessary people coming into the base to feed the refugees at the centre.

“According to Manus provincial police commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, this will only prolong the relocation exercise.”

Though the situation remains quiet, police are still monitoring the Centre with constant patrols around the area, including the new camp site at Ward 1 Lorengau.

Police have been given clear instructions not to move into the centre and use force to remove the refugees to their new locations.

“The United National Human Rights with foreign and local media are monitoring Police actions on Manus and how best we are dealing with the situation,” stated the media director.

“The PNG Police is working closely with the Papua New Guinea Immigration & Citizenship Service Authority, which is the lead Government Agency in this exercise.”

PPC Yapu is confident that the current Police strength on the island has the capacity and capability to manage and control the situation on the ground.

He said at the moment, there is no requirement for additional manpower on Manus.

(Picture: Sky News)

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