Manolos, Bradshaw restrained

The Lae National Court has restrained Manolos Aviation and Elizabeth Lolo Bradshaw from posting matters relating to their case on social media.

Acting Justice Paulus Dowa made the ruling on Friday, December 4th, following the submission of an affidavit by Bradshaw on December 3rd.

On Thursday, December 3rd, managing director of the Morobe Provincial Government business arms, Bradshaw, deposed an affidavit to the courts following the posting of a letter on social media.

The letter, dated December 3rd, was from Manolos Aviation CEO, Jurgen Ruh, inviting Bradshaw to a meeting set for Friday, December 4th, in an effort to resolve their issue.

The letter was hand delivered to the Morobe Sustainable Investment office, sent via email and also posted on social media.

In her affidavit, Bradshaw viewed the posting of the letter on social media as “highly improper and in contempt of the court process”.

She then sought the court’s indulgence for an order restraining any of the parties from publishing any confidential business communication, including matters that are before the jurisdiction of the court, on social media or any public forum pending the final ruling of the court.

Acting Justice Paulus Dowa then restrained the plaintiff, Manolos Aviation, first defendant Bradshaw, Morobe Sustainable Investment Ltd as the second defendant, Morobe Resources Holdings Ltd as the third defendant and the Morobe Provincial Government as the fourth defendant from posting matters related to originating summons number 777 of 2019 on social media.

The matter has been fixed for mention on February 8th, 2021.

(Captain Jurgen Ruh and his lawyer at the Lae courthouse)

Carmella Gware