Manasseh clears air on Kandep

​Kandep MP and Civil Aviation Minister Alfred Manasseh has blamed the former Opposition leader Don Polye for all the tensions in the district.

He said as leaders, it’s their responsibility to make sure such incidents did not happen.

In an exclusive interview with Loop PNG, Manasseh said a proper channel for Polye to follow is take the matter to court instead of inciting tensions and fights that were affecting innocent lives.

He claimed that the tribal fights occurred between the supporters of Polye and the provincial administrator and had nothing to do with him or his supporters.

“We don’t need tribal fights but leadership that will bring services like basic health and education.”

He said that Kandep district has been neglected for the past 15 years with nothing in terms of service delivery.

“I have a lot of catch up in terms of bringing tangible services to the district.

“Even though Kandep had been hitting the news headlines in the past 15 years, nothing has been coming forth.”

He added that now that the leadership has changed, he will have the challenge to bring services to the district.

Meanwhile, all the Enga MPs will be sworn-in into the Provincial Assembly next week.

Freddy Mou