Manase’s win challenged in court

Former Kandep MP and Opposition leader, Don Polye, was among petitioners who went to court on Friday for direction hearing on their cases.

He filed the petition challenging the election of rival Alfred Manase as Kandep MP.

Polye is alleging bribery, undue influence against Manase and illegal practices, errors and omission against the Electioral Commission in the petition.

A total of eight witnesses will be summoned by his lawyers to appear in court for the trial, on a date that is yet to be set.

Speaking to supporters outside court, he claims the election was rigged and has taken it to the Court of Disputed Returns.

He says the people of Papua New Guinea must stand up for what is far and right.

He is alleging that seven ballot boxes that were for the Kandep seat were not counted but were accepted during scrutiny in the Provincial seat count.

The petition returns to court next month.

(Picture: Polye and supporters outside court)

Sally Pokiton