Manam eruptions signal ‘active system’

Though the Manam eruption has ended, the fact that three eruptions have occurred within four months signals an active system.

In its December 9th update, the Rabaul Volcanological Observatory says apart from the recent eruptions, at other times the two summit craters have exhibited signs of an active system through occasional ash plumes, audible noises and glow.

“This suggests the system is still dynamic and volatile and therefore the potential for further eruptive activity in the future is still high,” said the RVO.

The Manam volcano’s main crater produced a small eruption on December 8th between 11.30am and 12pm.

Villages between Boakure and Warisi were affected by ashfall.

“The eruption is relatively small and ash and scoria fall is probably small but people should still take precautions from possible mudflows,” advised the RVO.

“People are also advised to avoid venturing or doing activities in the four main valleys for prolonged periods.

“RVO will continue to monitor the activity and provide updates periodically.”


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