Manam eruption slows down

The Rabaul Volcanological Observatory has reported that the Manam eruption has slowed down since late yesterday (December 8th) evening.

The Haus Guria’s Real-time Seismic-Amplitude Measurement (RSAM) was triggered at around 12.15pm yesterday.

The eruption, from the main crater, was “marked by forceful ash cloud emissions, explosions spewing assorted lava fragments above the crater area and sub-continuous to continuous rumbling and roaring noises”.

The latest report at 11.50pm said seismicity associated with the eruption has slowly declined.

Though the eruptive activity continued with dark ash plume emissions, it was less frequent as well.

“Reports from the island indicated projections ceased about 0700pm,” said the RVO.

“Audible noises continued but followed a declining trend. They ceased around 0730pm.

“At nightfall the summit area was lit up by bright glow. No reports were received after 0800pm.”

(Plumes seen yesterday afternoon – Picture supplied)

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