Man On The Run After Murder

A man alleged to have murdered his younger brother in Yangoru's Kumbuhun Village in East Sepik two weeks ago is on the run.

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander Superintendent Albert Beli said that the suspect had gone to his brother’s house while under the influence of liquor, and insulted his sister-in-law. She reported the matter to her brothers.

The next day, the suspect sent his wife to question his sister in law as to why she reported him to her brothers. Police allege that both women started arguing. The deceased went to stop the two women but ended up being chased and attacked with a bush knife by his older brother. He eventually died from his injuries.

PPC Beli added that police officers responded to the incident on the same day but the suspect had escaped. Police officers then told village leaders to bring the suspect to police so they can deal with him. 

Sylvester Wemuru