Man killed during marriage dispute

A marriage dispute has led to the death of a man in Lae, Morobe Province.

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr said the incident occurred on Saturday night at West Taraka.

“There was a domestic dispute between a husband and wife. The husband badly assaulted the wife, resulting in the family members of the wife stepping in and attacking the husband, who is now the subject of murder,” Wagambie Jr said.

Wagambie Jr said the man, who was stabbed in the fight, was pronounced dead at the Angau Hospital.   

“The suspect is a prison escapee,” said Lae’s police boss.

“Police went into the area and managed to control the situation.

“I was at the scene and we managed to negotiate for the murder suspect to surrender, as he had nowhere to run.

“I stressed to both sides that now they can see the effects of harbouring known criminals. This person was charged for armed robbery in 2010, but escaped from Buimo in 2012.

“The community had allowed him to live amongst them all this time, without informing Police.

“He has now murdered someone and because of him, two families have lost their homes and many others injured during the melee,” Wagambie Jnr said.

He is appealing to the community to take ownership of law and order to make their community safer to live in.  

Wagambie Jnr commended his West Taraka personnel for continuing to maintain law and order in the area despite having their police post burnt down last month.

The situation at West Taraka is quiet but tense.

(Loop file pic of Lae police)

Charles Yapumi