Man Caught With 10kg Of Marijuana

Police in Madang yesterday apprehended a detainee who escaped from the Jomba Police station. The escapee was jailed after he was caught with a large quantity of marijuana.

Madang Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said the man was picked up at Banana Block outside of Madang. He had with him 10 kilograms of weed. 

PPC Rubiang said police acted on a tip and went to arrest the man, but he hid in the roof of the house. 

"A police officer who was not satisfied with the search looked around the house and then saw an escape route where he thought could be where the man escaped to. The strong smell of marijuana also left a trail for the police. (The officer) then climbed a tree and looked around at the roof top and found the man (lying) on top of the roof with the marijuana,” said the PPC.

The man was ordered down and they arrested him before taking him to the police station. At the station, the suspect was charged and detained. He is awaiting court.

Rubiang said police continue to work hard at stopping the smuggling, selling and buying of drugs from the Highlands and coastal provinces. He said if the Dog Unit is active in the province, it will help police curb this criminal activity.

The Madang PPC said drug addicts cause a lot of social issues in the province, and leaders of each community need to take note and address it.

In another incident, a man from a mixed parentage of Madang and East New Britain was murdered at Madang’s Miss Village on Tuesday night. Police attended to the scene yesterday morning and recovered the body. They took the deceased to the morgue. Investigation into the murder is underway. 

A man who was also died instantly in a hit and run episode, at Mirab Village. This case is also being investigated. 

In an update on latest sea piracy case at Tabali Point, PPC Rubiang said the six other passengers remain missing. The only survivor to date is the skipper of the boat they were traveling in. One teenager who was among them, was found dead on Pik Island.

Sylvester Wemuru