Man admits to chopping relative

A man today admitted before the Waigani National Court to chopping a relative in 2015 which resulted in the victim losing his sight to one of his eyes and hearing abilities in his left ear.

Giro Pakil Gideon from Enga Province pleaded guilty to cutting a Peter Aki using a bush knife in the early hours of October 3, 2015 at Makana, Nine-Mile.

He told the court he cut Aki after the victim told him that he was the man responsible for the death of his step father.

The two were in the company of others the previous night drinking when Aki told Gideon he killed his father.

Gideon then took his revenge and cut Aki in his sleep.

The court heard he sat on Aki’s legs and slashed his head four times, leaving four deep wounds.

He later fled the scene and surrendered before a pastor at Nine-Mile.

He apologised to the court and his relative for his actions today. He also asked the court for its mercy in determining his sentence.

Gideon has been in custody at Bomana  for a year and seven months since his arrest.

His lawyer during submissions on sentence suggested a term of six years as starting point of penalty.

They also asked the court to allow him to pay compensation to the victim and a further suspended penalty sentence.

The State submitted that a penalty sentence term should reflect the seriousness of the offense, suggesting a term between seven years and 12 years.

Gideon said his family paid compensation of K3,000 to the victim however no evidence was presented in court.

The court reserved its decision on sentence.

Sally Pokiton