Man acquitted over rape allegations

A man from the East Sepik Province who stood trial in 2016 over the alleged rape of his (then) girlfriend has been acquitted by the National Court.

The trial against Nigel Kipma commenced at the Waigani National Court on 10 August 2016.

Almost two years later, he was acquitted from allegations that he abducted and continuously raped the teenager at the Institute of Public Administration residential area.

She was 16 years old at the time. The alleged incident took place between Dec 10 and Dec 15, 2010, when he was 20 years old then. 

They were in a relationship at the time of the incident.

However, the state alleged that no consent was given by the victim during the time of the offense.

He stood trial for one count of abduction and eight counts of aggravated rape.

The trial judge in his ruling on verdict said the victim was more afraid of her parents than the accused and his family.

“When her family came to the house of the accused, the victim continued to hide from them. She could have called out and alerted her family that she was in the house. Instead she ran away to Marybeth’s house where she had her shower,” Justice Panuel Mogish said.

“I’m not impressed with the evidence at all. She tried to please her own parents to justify her stay with the accused for a week.

“The accused and the victim were boyfriend and girlfriend. Everyone in the neighborhood, including the accused’s siblings, knew of their relationship.

“I find the accused not guilty to all the charges,” he said in his ruling at the Bomana Court.

An order was made for the refund of his bail monies. 

Sally Pokiton