Makiba commits to people

Komo-Margarima MP Manasseh Akiba is committed in serving the people in his electorate.

In a joint media conference in Port Moresby by the four Hela MPs, Akiba said there are issues in his district that needs government attention.

He said one of it was the royalty payment to the landowners.

He added that landowners of PDL1, Hides1, PDL7, Hides 4, Angore, PDL 8, Juha, PDL 9, Moran PDL5 and West Moran PDL6, as well as the pipeline landowners, have been waiting for almost 8 years now without any benefits from the royalty and equity payments.

He said since the signing of the UBSA and LBBSA in Kokopo in 2009, nothing has been forthcoming for his people.

Makiba added that he’s thankful that all four Hela MPs are in the Government so they will address the issues amicably at the provincial and national level.

He said another issue to be tackled is law and order.

“I am really committed to the people in addressing such issues whilst in government,” says the MP.

Makiba contested the 2017 elections as an independent candidate but has now joined the ruling People’s National Congress Party.

Freddy Mou