Maintain dress standard, police told

Members of the disciplinary force have been urged to maintain discipline at all times.

The NCD metropolitan superintendent once again stressed that this includes a neat and tidy appearance.

The NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, has always stressed on an immaculate appearance.

It was no different during a zone 1 parade this week, where police personnel at the Hohola station were reminded to maintain the highest standard of dressing and conduct.

“You are very important to the public,” he said. “If they see you are a disciplined, well-dressed, well-mannered officer, they will respect that and there will be no law and order problem.

“Our public rely on you.”

N’Dranou also touched on the bad habit of chewing betelnut whilst in uniform or on duty.

“I control my chewing, even though I plant and have betelnut trees around my home. That’s a sacrifice I make for policing. All you need to do is do the sacrifice.

“Look at your shoes, look at your belt, the way some of you were standing like this,” said N’Dranou, slouching his shoulders in demonstration. “That’s not the way you were taught!”

Zone 1 consists of the Hohola, Badili and Port Moresby police stations. Commander Fred Tundu shared similar sentiments, saying because it’s a disciplined force, standards are expected to be maintained.

“What you are taught in Bomana, you come out in the field, especially in terms of dressing, we have dressing standards,” stated Tundu. “It starts from the top down to the shoes.

“When you dress up properly, you will be respected by the public.”

(NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, conducting a parade inspection at the Hohola police station)

Carmella Gware