Magistrate firm with decision

Waigani District Court Magistrate, Tracey Ganaii, has maintained her decision of 26th of March committing Bhosip Kaiwi for trial at the National Court.

Magistrate Ganaii, after deliberating on his Section 96 statement of the District Court Act read out on 17th of May, said there was sufficient evidence to commit the matter to a higher court.

Kaiwi was charged with the wilful murder of his partner and mother to his children, Jenelyn Kennedy, in 2020.

In his Section 96 statement, Kaiwi had submitted that the autopsy report did not pinpoint the cause of death of his late partner, Kennedy.

Magistrate Ganaii, while responding, said the medical report did establish a cause of death.

“The medical report showed that the cause of death was a result of head injuries and internal bleeding of organs contained in the medical autopsy report in the police hand up brief.

“It showed that there were bruises all over her body and examinations in her internal body showed swelling and bruises in her right and left liver and kidneys.”

Magistrate Gannai said it appears to her that the accused is not satisfied with her ruling and urged his lawyer to appeal the ruling or to file other appropriate proceedings.

She said his Section 96 statement submitted has not affected her judgement therefore the ruling is intact.

Kaiwi will appear for his next court hearing at the Waigani National Court on the 7th of June.

Jemimah Sukbat