Magarima Electrification Project

Prime Minister James Marape was in Hela Province recently to launch several impact projects. Among them is was the Magarima Electrification Project co-funded by the National Government, Provincial Government and District Authority.

The National Government through Minister for National Planning Rainbo Paita presented a cheque of K2million.

Prime Minister Marape launched the two CAT generators with a power capacity of 1.1megawatts each to the people of Komo-Magarima. He said the gensets are put in place to cater to the people in the absence of the power from Hides.

The member for Magarima has managed to pull over 40Km’s of power lines along the feeder roads in this district.

“(They) have worked in partnership so we are just happy to compliment. This is the evidence of DSIP at work. In the last 2 years since we’ve been in government, we have rolled out close to over K40million each to all the districts in our country,” said PM Marape.

He said rural Papua New Guineans are equally entitled to electricity like those in the urban areas.

CEO of Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd Wapu Sonk said they have thought of investing in hydro projects as part of their social obligation project under the direction of the government.

“Disla MOU em blo wokim liklik hydro outside long Tari. Yes mipla bai gat bikpla power project, mipla bildim long Hides na putim long bikpla power line i ron. But liklik mipla woklo fandim in partnership with provincial government long hia na local member blo yumi (Manasseh) Makiba,” said Sonk.

He added, “Olsem na mipla wokim disla MOU to partner with the provincial government and PNG Power na Kumul Petroleum na bai mipla i wokim hydro outside of Tari.”

Sonk and Governor for Hela Philip Undialu signed the MOU in the presence of the Prime Minister, MP Makiba and Southern Highlands Governor William Powi. Under the agreement, Hela Provincial government and its DDAs will contribute 30% and Kumul Petroleum will contribute 70% to the hydro projects.

Carol Kidu