Madang residents urged to be conscious of movements

Residents of Madang are encouraged to be mindful of the current fuel shortage when moving around. Provincial Police Commander, Acting Superintendent Robert Baim, said police are also affected.

“We are in the red now but will try our best to provide as much service as possible to our people until fuel is made available,” he stated.

Acting Superintendent Baim acknowledged that the Royal PNG Constabulary headquarters are paying for fuel but the low supply in Madang’s fuel stations are only making matters worse.

Apart from fuel scarcity, Madang is also experiencing water and power shortages.

“Fuel, power and water are the main basic sources of life every human being is entitled to,” he emphasised.

The ongoing issues of water and power shortages in Madang are not only affecting police and business operations but public welfare as well.

Superintendent Baim is aware of the disruptions to business operations and the domino effect that this will have on all aspects of society. He urged local leaders to address the situation as soon as possible.

In light of the current situation, he says: “I’m sending out a warning to anyone that might want sabotage the normal flow of business operations in Madang that we will be tough on you.”

Most shops and business houses closed yesterday (Feb 19), while highway buses and vehicles were stranded due to lack of fuel. 

Loop Author