Madang public servants warned

Madang Governor Peter Charles Yama has issued a stern warning to public servants in Madang to abstain from corrupt dealings and serve the people diligently.

Yama made this call after a rousing welcome was given to him back home after the Supreme Court reinstated him as the Governor for Madang.

Governor Yama said he had no problem with public servants but warned them to be cautious in every work they do.

He called on them to put him under the microscope and expose the works he had done illegally in the province.

Yama further reiterated that it’s about time the people of Madang benefit from what they truly deserve and that is from the PSIP and DSIP funds. 

“Madang hasn’t benefitted for so long and now is the time to deliver to my people.”

He said he will be cleaning the provincial administration as he does not want to work with ‘rotten apples’.

“Those who haven’t performed well will go and new public servants will be recruited,” stressed the Governor.

Freddy Mou