Madang police recover missing Sargent’s body

​The body of a senior police officer has been recovered after 24 hours of searching by fellow officers.

The policeman’s body was found after he was swept away by flood at the Tapo Fjord River crossing, in Madang province on Tuesday evening.

Information is still sketchy at the moment; however the Sargent was reported to be with another constable when their vehicle was swept in the overflowing river, caused by the heavy downpour around 7pm.

Reports states that they were in the Fox 01 police vehicle attending to a reported hold up at Negri when they were carried away by flood waters during an attempt to cross over Tapo Fjord crossing.

Police on ground started searching only recovering the sergeant’s body at around 3pm this afternoon.

The police on ground are still searching for the body of the constable whom they hope will make it.

Imelda Wavik