Madang looks at decreasing maritime statistics

Madang is currently the leading province in the country for missing persons, lost goods and properties by sea transport, especially boats (small craft), according to Madang Governor Ramsey Pariwa.

This was highlighted during the opening of the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) office in Madang.

Governor Pariwa said in improving in maritime safety, the Provincial Executive Council has embarked on rectifying approaches, by appointing the Madang Provincial Small Crafts Board.

Pariwa is now happy that NMSA has an office which can look into the woes of the four maritime districts of Bogia, Sumkar, Madang and Raicoast, as for far too long people have suffered.

He states that his office is serious in ensuring that these rates are reduced and with the Board in place, they will be working alongside NMSA to rectify these statistics.

Pariwa stressed on the need for collaboration between his administration and NMSA office to work in alignment to gradually curb statistics.

When giving statistics for Madang Province, the Minister for Transport and Civil aviation, Walter Schnaubelt said that for last year (2022), registered incidents remain at 15.

However, for this year, he confirms that the year has not ended yet and figures stand as 15, from registered incidents of missing persons and boat.

Pariwa also announced that his office will ensure that maximum support is given to the Board to carry out their duties.

He encouraged the Small Crafts Board to ensure all strategies and systems are in place to decrease the climbing rate. He wants to see all small crafts registered with GPS installed.

Meantime, the travelling public have been urged to take heed of safety measures when travelling or planning to travel.

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