Madang Governor disagrees with vaccination

Madang Governor Peter Yama is calling on medical experts to explain the type of COVID-19 vaccination that will be used in the country.

He claimed that surveillance on local antibodies is not fully assessed and PNG does not have any confidence to make a decision, whether or not we should be vaccinated.


Governor for Madang, Peter Yama is calling on the representative of the World Health organization in the country and the Department of Health to clarify the types of COVID-19 vaccination will be use in the country and clear the air on so many statements on social media about the disadvantage of using the vaccine.


He said instead of vaccination, there must be rapid diagnostic test, first on all the people.

Yama stressed that as the Governor of Madang, he will not allow his people to use the vaccination.


He added that even though only K1.5m released by Government last year, the Madang provincial administration have appropriated some funds in the 2021 budget to utilize local doctors from Madang and Chimbu to go to the six districts to do the Rapid diagnostic test.

Governor Yama also clarified that PNG’s situation is different from other countries, where we have not fully assessed our immune system and antibodies to date.


He encouraged citizens to check their R

Freddy Mou