Madang’s Potholes Worsen

Potholes in Madang Town worsen and the wet weather is no help at all.

Feeder roads need major upgrades. That’s according to drivers who frequently use them. One vehicle owner who asked to remain anonymous, said leaders who were ordered by the National Court Judge to work on the roads, have not done any physical work for the streets within the town.

He said potholes that were once small are now turning into ‘swimming pools’ that vehicles cannot pass through. He said some of the big potholes include the one at near the BSP Bank in town; another one is towards Madang Catholic Headquarters, and another big pothole is at LBC, near the the road leading up to Sisiak.

The driver said his vehicle goes into service every month because of the bad road condition. He testifies that there are many vehicle owners and drivers who face the same issue. The resident said the court had ordered leaders to work together and fix the road but they seem to be not doing anything. He said the only road that is under construction is the Modilon Road. Others that were mentioned in court, include feeder roads in the town vicinity and the Beon Road.

Beon Jail Commander Andrew Polis also raised concern that the responsible authorities who were ordered by the court to fix the Beon road must start work now because it is a constant risk for them when they are transporting high risk prisoners to and from the court house.

The jail commander said vehicles they have been using are also facing mechanical problems because of the road conditions. He said some high risk prisoners have escaped before while being transported along the Beon Road. He does not want his officers to be blamed for it.

According to the 2021 National Court order, Madang District was allocated the task to upgrade the Modilon Road. The Madang Provincial Government was ordered to fix the Madang Town feeder roads, and the national government was to fix the North Coast and Beon Road.

On January 13, Madang Acting Provincial Administrator Clement Tare appeared before National Court Judge Justice David Cannings and asked for an extension to the task because he needed to find a contractor for the feeder road work.

Justices Canning also told the respondents that he will be flexible with this case, and would like that all the agencies responsible must work together to get the job done.

Sylvester Wemuru