Lupari urges public servants to work and deliver

Chief Secretary to the Government Isaac Lupari is confident that the government will deliver the 2017 National Elections and APEC Summit in 2018.

However, Lupari in a statement said the key challenge for the government is not so much economic issues but the ability of the Public Service to deliver.

“The Public Service continues to be a major obstacle to implementation and delivery of the government policies and programs," said Lupari.

“It is important that every public servant in the country reflect on our performance in 2016 and start 2017 with a change in attitude and take greater ownership."

He said changes in attitude were evident in 2016, "and must build on these improvements in 2017".

Lupari added that it is incumbent upon all public servants to work together as a team and not work in isolation.

He said the Government has delivered on its part by putting in place the right policies and the funding; it is now the turn of the public service machinery to play its part in implementation.

“Finally, I encourage leaders from the districts, provinces and at the national level to support the public service, including public service reform programs."


Press statement