LOs cashing in on landslide

Landowners and locals are cashing in on the landslide occurring at the Guo area, just outside of Kundiawa in Chimbu Province.

Travelers determined to pass the landslip area are being charged a toll of K2 per individual.

CEO of Kombre and Associates Lawyers, Martin Kombre, who passed through the landslip area over the last couple of days, tells Loop PNG that apart from the toll, there are also other fees for cargo as well as carriers.

This is due to the high number of people travelling through the Highlands Highway, which connects nine provinces, beginning in Morobe and passing through Madang, Eastern Highlands, Chimbu, Western Highlands, Jiwaka, Southern Highlands, Hela and Enga Province.

Commuters are either travelling to and from home or engaged in some form of business activity, such as betelnut trading.

Kombre says many travelers are braving the landslip area by walking to the other side of the landslip where PMVs have congregated to wait for passengers.

He says the landslip area is around 12 – 15 metres long.

The landslip area is located between Kundiawa and Kerowaghi in Chimbu Province, which is a 15 – 20 minute drive to each end.

Police personnel continue to monitor the area.

Cedric Patjole