Loop PNG announces ‘Tok Pisin’ service

Loop PNG News has today announced an extension to its news service, which will now include Tok Pisin news being published on Loop PNG, its online news site, and on TVWan News.

Both news platforms are owned by Digicel Media Ventures, the media arm of Digicel PNG.  

The addition of Tok Pisin-language news to its English-language content, has been described by Digicel PNG CEO Colin Stone as an important step to better engage with the majority of PNG's population.

“The news media in PNG is mainly aimed at catering to English-speaking audiences. We are mindful that most Papua New Guineans rely on Tok Pisin as their primary means of communicating. It makes sense for us to extend our news offering into the second of PNG's three official languages.”

The continued growth of Loop PNG, Digicel Media's Online News service, now sees over 7,000 individual readers on the site daily. The shift to include Tok Pisin is expected to significantly grow the platform's readership in PNG.

Stone added: “We will continue to provide compelling, locally-relevant content to our customers across PNG. This is the latest step in our journey.”