Logistics, an issue in relief supply

Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill has admitted that logistical arrangements are the main challenges faced by the Government to supply the relief supplies to the quake disaster provinces.

Despite these challenges, he said the Government is making continuous headways in the relief effort to most affected areas.

When giving his speech in the special Parliament session today, Prime Minister Peter O'Neill said the Government is committed in serving the people and will do everything to help bring back normalcy to the disaster stricken provinces.

He said efforts are being made to ensure people's health and well-being is being looked after.
“Our people are our priority and we are doing everything we can to help bring back normalcy to thos affected communities.”

He also said that all invoices for the relief supply are being scrutinized to ensure they are consistent with purchase orders and other expenses.

“Everything will be done in an accountable and transparent manner for audit purposes.”

He said as in all disasters, there are some things that could have been done better, and the Government is factoring this into its forward planning.

Freddy Mou