Logging ship allegedly causes power outage

An Asian logging ship entering Madang harbour has allegedly caused power outage to Krangket Island in Madang Province.

The locals claimed the ship had destroyed a submarine power cable that brings power to more than 3,000 people on the island.

A frustrated council member of Krangket Island, Rodney Selarn, says the blackout is a big blow to the people on the island.

“I would like to say that I have two more weeks till my people send their children back to school. I have really struggled with my people and this is a huge blow to me personally and the people of Krangket Island.”

It is alleged the ship had dragged its anchor along the seafloor, destroying a submarine cable that passed through the passage between the Madang Resort and the island.

PNG Customs manager, Anthony Brabar, said the logging ship’s intended route was a stopover at the main Madang wharf for custom’s clearance before continuing on to Bunabun to collect its log.

He said this ship will then continue to Northern Province where it will collect additional cargo before departing PNG.

Jeffery Ling, a representative from Madang Timbers, has guaranteed that the company will pay for a generator to supply power to the people on the island.

The people on Krangket Island have been without power since Sunday, January 10th.