Locals report fuel shortage in Kiunga

Vehicles in Kiunga, North Fly District, have been grounded by their owners due to the shortage of fuel faced in Western Province.

Locals in Kiunga have confirmed that two fuel stations at Pajawi and Kiunga have run out since the beginning of this month.

Aron Bale, who is a resident of Western Province, attributed the situation to the continuous dry spell that has caused the Fly River stage to decrease, preventing cargo ships from anchoring at the port.

“No more PMV services are provided because there’s no fuel and it’s really hot in Kiunga Town area and surrounding villages,” he said.

The prices of store goods and bus fares have also tripled, forcing locals to spend more.

Locals residing along the Kiunga-Tabubil Highway are also not selling fresh produce at the main market in Kiunga as PMVs have ceased operations along that section.

(Article by Jim John – third year UPNG Journalism student)

Jim John