Locals kill criminals

Five members of a criminal gang responsible for hurling a grenade that killed two men in Goilala, Central Province were ambushed and killed in retaliation last December.

Provincial Police Commander, Senior Inspector Patterson Birigi said the five suspects were slain by angry relatives, after they found them while hiding in a remote village in Fane LLG.

“The gang led by Awa Pilot was believed to be responsible for various crimes around the Tolokuma area until they met their fate,” said PPC Birigi.

He said when reports of the bomb attack reached Port Moresby, a team comprised of Central Police, the SSD and CID personnel were deployed into Tolokuma to investigate the killings, but the vigilant villagers had got to them before the police arrived.

The villagers had raided a village and killed Pilot and his four accomplices.

Birigi said the police deployment was initially hampered by Goilala's tough geographical settings especially the rugged terrains, but the policemen managed to walk to some of the far flung village communities and spoke to them about the importance of law and order.

He said the police team returned to Port Moresby and on 19th January, five police officers from Central were shuttled by helicopter into the mine site to provide police presence there.

While interacting with the community the police officers received some vital information that led them to a notorious criminal linked to the Pilot gang.

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