Local queries use of PNGSDP funds

Rumginae villagers of Western Province have expressed dissatisfaction towards the PNG Sustainable Development Program and questioned how funds have been used over the years.

A frustrated Deputy Head Teacher of Rumginae Primary School said the province hosts the Ok Tedi Mine however, there is nothing to show for it on ground.

The deputy head teacher aired his grievances on the unfair distribution of wealth and benefits received by PNG Sustainable Development Program through the Ok Tedi Mine. 

He pointed out that although the province prides itself in hosting the Ok Tedi Mine, the health and education facilities are still sub-standard.

“The PNGSDP has yet to take responsibility of the development of the province. From the perspective of us landowners, PNGSDP has turned its back on us for the last 20 years,” said Kwrapnae.

He said PNGSDP has its footprints in other parts of the country, funding education projects in other provinces while Western Province is a mere spectator.

“The PNGSDP funds belongs to the people of Western Province. It is our money.”

He pleaded to PNGSDP’s new board, headed by Western Province’s very own Dr Betty Lovai, for an overhaul of management and operations of PNGSDP funds.

In response, Board Director Dr Lovai said: “The focus now is only on the people of Western Province.

“Our main revenue was taken away from the government but I won’t go into detail because it is before the courts. What we are able to do now is from the interest coming from the long term fund.”

(Rumginae villagers of Western Province)

Carolyn Ure