LO suggests a brothel for ‘hyper active refugees’

One way to deal with the issues of these sexually frustrated asylum seekers would be to allow for a brothel.

Local landowner in Lorengau town, Pomaiou Poiil, said: “The government should allow for a w**** house in Lorengau town.

“I know a lot of people will be against me as PNG is a Christian country but Manus Island must be an exception.

“We are dealing with a situation that has never happened before in the country.”

The landowner says if the Government approves the idea, he will get in call girls from Asian countries to service these “hyper active refugees”.

Nogat ol yangpla meri Manus bai involv long displa bisnis and it will be strictly managed with medical doctors conducting regular checks,” he clarifies. (No young Manus woman will be involved in this business.)

“It is an international problem and we need it addressed internationally.”

He further stated that “By doing so we, will address this problem and save our girls and women who are openly engaged in this activity and alleged rape by asylum seekers”.

“It is also a health issue, with the spread of HIV and AIDS in the maritime province.”

However, Senior Inspector David Yapu said it will be illegal and also against Papua New Guinea’s Christian principles. The brothel will create more social problems and unwanted pregnancy, including the spread of HIV/AIDS, now prevalent on the Island.

“The brothel will become an issue affecting our traditional family morals and values with young girl and mothers servicing those asylum seekers for the sake of easy money,” says PPC Yapu.

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