LO’s must have interest in Towns

Traditional landowners must have a vested interest or stake in the economic development of an urban area or town.

Alotau MP, Charles Abel, said this is an important principle in taking back PNG.

He made the remarks during the opening of the new Alotau Town Market and Fisheries Facility.

During the opening it was announced that that ownership of market will be handed over to the traditional landowners of Alotau through the Huhu Local Level Government (LLG).

Alotau MP Charles Abel says this is a principle hey have stood by.

“It is very important that the traditional landowners wherever that place may be, wherever that town may be, and in this case our Huhu Landowners, must always feel that they have a vested interest and a stake in the economic development of these urban areas and the town. They were the original landowners. And we have stood by that principle myself and the President, because the original market was already owned by the people of Huhu, we wanted them to continue to be the owners of this market, even in its extended form. Prime Minister talks about taking Papua New Guinea, and these are some of the important principles that e is talking about,” said Abel.

The MP said town and urban areas must not be solely owned by foreign businesses but must have a local partnerships as well.

“We cannot have our towns owned by foreign businesses, even though we need that partnership with foreign business, we must retain a certain stake, in critical infrastructures like this (market) for our people through important institutions like Local Level Governments .Generates money for the Local Level Governments, it provides a facility for our people directly, but the principle of ownership is very important..”

In 2018 the Huhu Local Level Government in Alotau purchased a 33 per cent share in Alotau Palms Stevedoring and Transport Limited.

Palms Stevedoring and Transport Limited is the Stevedoring operator of Alotau Port.

The Huhu Local Level Government also has a new Headquarters being built at Gurney.

Cedric Patjole