LLG Presidents Boycott Provincial Budget

Chimbu Province will have no budget for this year because 18 of the Simbu Provincial Assembly Members by majority have boycotted the provincial budget.

Suwai LLG President, Joe Waure Muel told this newsroom that the presidents are in Port Moresby to put a stop to the 2022 Simbu Provincial Budget.

He said Chimbu people have not been informed of why the budget is being boycotted.

Mr Muel claimed that Governor, Michael Dua is now running around trying to persuade relevant Ministers to approve the budget without the provincial assembly members input.  

“On the outset, it is believed the egg is rotten inside therefore thepresidents as peoples mandated leaders have taken such stand. There is a full team with money bag in POM trying to buy their way out.

“However by law, it's the provincial assembly that is the sanctioned authority that  will have to pass the 2022 budget.”

Mr Muel said they have made appointments with relevant Government Ministers to clarify their stand.

Freddy Mou